Florida Turkish Center

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You may rent Turkish Center partially or wholly, for any private occasion of yours (for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, private meetings, etc)

The rental price List:
Small room rent( daily); $100 (FTAA members), $ 200 (non-members), Deposit is the same amount

Large hall rent (daily); $200 (FTAA members), $400 (non-members), Deposit is 1/2 of the amount

Room & Hall; $300 (FTAA members), $600 (non-members), Deposit is 1/3 of the amount
For details of Florida Turkish Center: CLICK

Important: The renter shall NOT be other than event orginizer. The FTCF Rental Rules (see below) are to signed, deposit will not be refunded upon cancellation of event within last week of the due date

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Call Fuat Ornarli: (786) 251-9996 


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