FTCF Rental Rules


The purpose of this rental rules is to provide a space for a certain time duration to the renters without any dispute.

1. The renter (or lessee) may rent Turkish Center partially or wholly, for any private occasion (for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, private meetings, etc.) The event cannot be conflicting with the events of FTAA. The event must be in accord with the general interest of FTAA and FTC Foundation, and to the rules of the building association (The Tides).
2. The renter (or lessee) is to apply at least 3 weeks prior to the event date to the Board of Trustee secretary. He/she shall bring utility bills or ID for verification of the address.
3. The Board shall meet and approve the request in a timely manner.
4. The renter shall NOT be different than the FTAA members. (The event owner shall not use any FTAA member to reduce the rent amount)
5. If renter is non-profit establishment, it will be verified through Sunbiz.org
6. The rents are;

Small room rent (daily); $100 (FTAA members), $ 200 (non-members), Deposit is the same amount
Large hall rent (daily); $200 (FTAA members), $400 (non-members), Deposit is 1/2 of the amount
Room & Hall; $400 (FTAA members), $800 (non-members), Deposit is 1/3 of the amount

7. In case of alcoholic usage, the renter must obtain general liability insurance in the amount of 1 million US $ that names Florida Turkish Center Foundation as ‘Added Insured’ 14 days prior to the event. If renter uses bartender, the bartender name(s) shall also be included in the insurance document. If selling alcohol, the lessee shall provide liquor license along with the insurance document.

Tables, chairs, Tablecloths, trash and decorations shall be cleaned and disposed after the event, no later than one day.
Lessee must setup the decorations, breakdown and cleaning the room(s)
Foundation member shall monitor the preparation and cleaning activities before and after the event, and guide the lessee accordingly. The necessary deduction or additional fee will be charged if the cleaning and/resetting is not found satisfactory. Additional fee will be charged if deposit amount is not enough.


The fees and deposits shall be paid prior to events.

The check list shall be signed off, after the event, and if found satisfactory, then the deposit shall be released.

Full refund will be issued upon cancellation one week prior to event.
A signed contract will be arranged and as soon as lessee signs the contract, the aforementioned items are deemed to agreed.

RENTAL CHECKLIST Dated: _______________

______ Large Ballroom

_______ Small Room

Applicant Initial Cleanup
TABLES: Wipe out, folded ________________ ________________

CHAIRS: Stacked/organized ________________ ________________
FLOOR: Swept /mopped ________________ _________________
GARBAGE: dumped outside ________________ _________________
DISHES: Plates cleaned/stored _____________ ________________
CLEANING: Countertop, Oven ______________ _________________

Signature of Applicant: _________________________________________
Name of Applicant: ____________________________________________

APPROVED by _______________________