FTAA Board Board of Directors Gave Green Light for "Turk Evi"

FTAA Board Meeting

The FTAA Board of Directors authorized FTAA president Mr. Erkan Nur to pursue the property that has been recommended by the "Turk Evi Committee".

FTAA Board of Directors held an emergency board meeting. FTAA board members Mrs. Zuhre Canligil, Mrs. Tulin Cheshire, Mrs. Aydan Hay, Mr. Erkan Nur, Mr. Berk Ocal, Mr. Fuat Ornarli, Mrs. Serap Odabas-Yigit and guests Dr. Ziya Celik, Mrs. Gulsen Celik, Mr. Atilla Orkan, Mrs. Yurdun Orkan and Mrs. Meral Ornarli were present at the meeting. The members of "Turk Evi Committee" Mr. Erkan Nur, Mr. Atilla Orkan and Dr. Ziya Celik presented to the Board the information on the space. The Board reviewed the information, the pictures and the drawings of the subject property. The FTAA Board authorized FTAA president Mr. Erkan Nur to submit an offer for the property, to negotiate the price and the terms, and to sign a contract with a 30-day due-diligence period (that will allow the cancelation of the contract by the purchaser within 30 days after it is signed). The purchase agreement would be subject to review and approval of Turk Evi Board of Trustees. The vote by the FTAA Board of Directors was unanimous.